Fire departments in need of volunteers in Yakima County

Yakima County Fire District 5 is looking for a fresh crop of volunteers over the next few weeks. That recruiting is the responsibility of firefighter Andy Babcock. "The last month, we've been doing door-to-door visiting people in those more rural
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Donate to Washington Wildfire Relief Efforts

If you are looking to donate, either money or supplies to help the wildfire victims in Eastern Washington, here are a few good ways to help: Veteran's Community Response (VCR) - a group of SVFD firefighters and combat vets - is
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Fire Departments Across Yakima County Need Volunteers

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Fire departments across the county are seeing their number of volunteers dwindle. "They're the backbone of our operation, if it wasn't for the volunteers we couldn't do our job. Not only for the city and the district
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Firefighter Shortage Could Send Insurance Rates Up

LAKE JOY, Wash. -- Residents who live around Lake Joy, a quiet community above Carnation in east King County have a firehouse. They have a fire engine. They just don’t have any firefighters. If volunteers don’t step forward to train
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Volunteers Needed to Keep Rose Valley Fire Station Open

The Rose Valley Fire Station is in danger of closing unless more volunteer firefighters join up, according to Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue. The station currently has six active volunteer firefighters, the minimum required by the Washington Surveying and Rating
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Longtime volunteer named honorary Cle Elum fire chief

Cle Elum native Jack Canori spent most of his adult life assisting the Cle Elum Volunteer Fire Department, and last week the city and the fire department honored his commitment by dedicating Feb. 29, 2012, as Jack Canori Day. Canori,
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On Eastside, some 911 calls get lighter response

When a King County resident calls 911 with a medical problem, the system quickly dispatches an aid car or a fire engine, stocked with expensive lifesaving equipment and emergency medical technicians or highly trained paramedics. Sometimes, though, there isn't any
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