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Donate to Washington Wildfire Relief Efforts

If you are looking to donate, either money or supplies to help the wildfire victims in Eastern Washington, here are a few good ways to help: Veteran's Community Response (VCR) - a group of SVFD firefighters and combat vets - is
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Fire Departments Across Yakima County Need Volunteers

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Fire departments across the county are seeing their number of volunteers dwindle. "They're the backbone of our operation, if it wasn't for the volunteers we couldn't do our job. Not only for the city and the district
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Volunteers Needed to Keep Rose Valley Fire Station Open

The Rose Valley Fire Station is in danger of closing unless more volunteer firefighters join up, according to Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue. The station currently has six active volunteer firefighters, the minimum required by the Washington Surveying and Rating
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